• The school has a mission to promote
  • An Educational philosophy commensurate with Bhartiya Sanskriti.
  • A will to pass on the national heritage of invaluable spiritual wealth to the coming generation with special emphasis on Physical, Yoga, Music and Sanskrit education.
  • Giving of world’s knowledge & techniques in Educational field.

This will help in developing a generation of young men & women having full faith in Hindu values and ideals, who will be nationalists to the core. They will be fully developed – physically, mentally and spiritually to meet the challenges of modern day life successfully. Their lives will be dedicated to the eradication of social ills such as exploitation and injustice prevailing amongst our brethren living in villages, jungles, hills and urban slums. They will thus promote equality, prosperity and cultural values through out the country. By all means, the aim of the school is to provide opportunities to its students to have an all-round development while striving for academic excellence. They shall be expected to be honest and upright and thus be full of confidence in themselves and always love and be proud of their country and ceaselessly work for its betterment. It is therefore appropriate that the school motto is “ Dedication to the Nation”.

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